Current and previous Celebrity clients RK has worked with


“Rebecca, I love knowing you and working out with you. You are the best trainer and have the best body around.”
— Raquel Welch


“Rebecca knows how to balance all the elements of creating beautiful bodies. She has a gift for working with people of all levels.”
— Hunter Tylo

“The people who train with me are incredibly consistent and they can’t leave their recovery to chance so I send them to Rebecca. I’ve known her for over 15 years and she is a well-rounded massage therapist (in addition to also being a fantastic trainer with her own training clients) She is a complete professional who stays on top of developments in her field and never stops improving. It’s a huge help to my business to be able to refer confidently to Rebecca. I can’t recommend her highly enough, please just don’t take my wife’s time slot when you use her!”
— Gunnar Peterson

RK’s Personal Training

“Rebecca is a powerhouse.  She makes every training session fun, challenging and inspiring. My body immediately started to change— abs, arms and the appearance of the “candy dish” on my backside!   Her style is the perfect mix of boot camp toughness sprinkled with a dose of sugar.”

— Erica Fisher

“Rebecca, thanks for inspiring me to pick up the weights again & not the drugs!! You know it’s been a struggle for me, but thankfully training with you has really helped me achieve 4 months of true sobriety. You’re a tough trainer, but you know what it takes to get healthy and physically change. I also know that you push me hard because that’s how you train yourself.. I thought taking so much time off and of course the age factor would be a challenge for me, but you remind me with that extra push-up or the cardio push that it absolutely doesn’t matter. If the willingness is there the body will follow. Working out with you is undoubtedly making me stronger on the outside, but it’s also made me a lot stronger on the inside. Looking forward to continuing our journey together!!”
— Wilma Rivera

“Working with Rebecca in the off-season I feel has helped me continue to perform at a high level. She is an important part of my training and recovery. As a therapist, I think she is excellent at her craft and willing to go that extra mile for her clients.”
— Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers

“It’s not easy showing up every day to lift and do cardio but since training, with Rebecca, I finally look forward to the grueling mission of losing this tire around my stomach. She actually makes working out FUN! But make no mistake she gets the job done and people are noticing. My posture is changing, the weight is starting to come off and basically, I’m not such a bear to be around anymore!”
— Tony Newton – Producer

“Since training with Rebecca I finally lost the extra 20lbs I carried around for the last few years. As an executive producer of a hit TV show, training and eating right was the last thing I had the energy for but with Rebecca’s help, all I do is show up, listen to her and sweat. The rest speaks for itself. At the beginning of our last season, the cast and crew were amazed at my weight loss. I feel great!”
— Kevin Bright – Executive Producer of “Friends”

“As a busy executive running an international company I realize that in order to stay on top of my game I need to be in tip-top shape. I am in my sixties and therefore being fit, strong and full of energy are vital to my job. Since working with Rebecca I am in the best shape of my middle-aged years. She is dedicated and fierce in her approach and I respond very well to her style. Her training methods and energy makes all the difference. I look forward to our 5:45 am sessions!”
— Bill McMorrow – CEO – Kennedy/Wilson

“I’ve learned so much about myself and I know that your commitment to what you do has helped me in so many ways. The last few years were so tough and I don’t think I would have made it through them without your strength and support during training sessions. The 40 lbs I lost is a bonus in comparison to all the other great things I learned while training with you”
— Maren Bowen. – Interior Designer

“When I think of who Rebecca is in my life, I first think of her as an artist more than just a trainer. An artist sculpts, defines and draws out the inner beauty in what they create. That’s exactly what Rebecca does: she makes round objects, bulges and bumps svelte and she makes flat objects more curved. My sessions with Rebecca are the fastest hour I ever spent in a gym.”
— Andi Fund – Artist

RK’s Booty Slide Program

“Hi. I just started booty slide and I am so happy with it. In April I was in an almost fatal car accident. I went to months of physical therapy and I am still receiving other treatments even as of now. I thought I would never be able to work out again because I can’t do the high impact workout I used to do like kickboxing and triathlons. Booty Slide has renewed me again. I can now workout at a low impact level but still, have an effective workout. I am excited to do all the workouts and I can’t wait to see my results. Thank You, Booty Slide.”
— Safia Ghanim

“It’s been about 5 months since I chatted with you last – and I am lovin’ my Booty Blast DVDs – I do them EVERY DAY without fail and my tush has never been better! I had a stroke April 18th, 2013 & then I started with your DVDs and I am better and healthier than ever! I have been telling everyone on FB and Twitter about the Booty Slide DVD set and it’s a MUST for people wanting to get in to shape and keep with it – this is the ONLY one I have ever stuck with and I will continue to do it every day – love it Just thought I would say hi:)”
— Michelle M.

“With the Booty Slide workout, I could tell a difference in 2 or 3 weeks with no pain in my knees or back!   The moves feel easy on my body but they sneak up on you and are intense and they def WORK!  I’m actually motivated to get up and do it instead of dreading it all day.  I’m so thankful I found this workout!!”
— Bailey H.

“I loved the Booty Slide workout. In a busy day, it’s hard to figure out how to get all aspects of training in a short time: core, strength, and cardio. With Booty Slide you can get it all done in 45 minutes. Efficient, innovative and effective and all you need is the Booty Slide booties, your own bodyweight, and a floor! And, what better trainer than RK, who somehow manages to be completely motivating, great at guiding the workout and fun all at the same time. I wish I could pack her in a suitcase with the booties!”
— Alex H. – U.K.

“First of all, I really loved the class. It was a great workout, sweat dripping off the nose style! I have a bad knee since college I’m 26 now and the past several weeks it has been really uncomfortable and every workout I have done has in some way brought on some sort of pain; I have done Zumba, boxing, workouts with my personal trainer and straight cardio/weights at the gym. Today throughout the 45 minutes doing Booty Slide, at no point did I experience even the slightest pain or discomfort. It was amazing. Your class was great. I would totally do it again. I hope you bring it to NY Sports Club. If you have any other open classes around the city please let me know. You Rock! Thanks Again!”
— Christine Rollins NYC


“At 50 I have tried everything out there, yoga – Pilates – Core Fusion and this class is the first class that got my husbands attention. He actually said my butt looks higher the other day. I am a lifer! Thanks for creating Booty Slide.”
— Rachel Steinberg – NYC

“It’s genius, I am never bored in this class – the positions and movements are all so different and I can feel them literally working as I do them! I’m addicted!”
— Diane Sanders – NYC


“I have always been active and had an athletic frame but my core has never felt this functional and strong! I notice measurable results in my marathon training. I am pounding up hills on my feet like never before. Rebecca has an incredible ability to motivate and captivate inside the class and to keep us on our toes (literally!). I have been waiting for something like Booty Slide forever! I feel Bootylicious! Thank you for this class!”
— J. Fletcher – dancer/athlete – Hamptons


“Booty Slide works the abs in every move and I am more aware of my core strength now especially after having babies. I have improved posture and feel this workout targets my legs and butt muscles incredibly.”
— Ali Isaacs – Hamptons

“What’s it like to feel STRONG? I never knew before. Other workouts have trimmed me in the past but Booty Slide is a completely different thing. I love it! I have to admit I didn’t expect my arms to get “cut”. Now people keep commenting on my arms and using that very same word. Core strength is a bonus from this class. I used to have to negotiate with my five-year-old when she wanted to be carried down the path to the beach. I would agree to two minutes in my arms and two minutes down. Since Booty Slide, I have stopped counting. I don’t get tired so I am able to cuddle her up the whole way. It’s brilliant!”
— Valerie M.– Hamptons


“Holy OUCH is all I can say!” Chris F – Hamptons

“Loved the workout – it had all the right moves needed to create that loving feeling called Lactic Acid build-up; can’t wait until tomorrow’s workout when I can increase my flexibility… ”
— Michelle Lopez – NYC

RK’s Group Classes

“Thank you Rebecca! After just eight sessions over four weeks in your Boot Camp in Central Park I can see changes already! I am getting stronger, losing weight, fitting into my clothes better and have more energy throughout the day. If you want a challenging workout in a breathtaking environment with a real pro who knows how to get the most out of your hour working out, I recommend Rebecca’s Boot Camp in Central Park – it’s a game changer!”
— Sheila W.


“Rebecca Kordecki’s Boot Camp is worth pushing myself out the door for! I feel great every time I go, which is twice a week and I’m definitely getting stronger and fitter thanks to Rebecca’s challenging, fun, and non-stop routines. Whether we are working on cardio, endurance or agility, and using medicine balls, resistance bands, or our own body weight, every exercise targets the muscles it is meant to. Rebecca tailors each workout to the variety of fitness levels of those in class. If you feel strong as an ox one day and a weakling the next, you will be given modifications that will suit YOU that day. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to grow physically stronger and have fun doing it!”
— Kathleen McLinden

“As a former competitive athlete, I know the kind of dedication, discipline, and diligence it takes to accomplish your goals, and having this knowledge, allows me to say, unequivocally, that Rebecca Kordecki is one of the most enthusiastic and educated wellness professionals I have ever met. She is completely supportive of all of her clients – clients at every level – beginners-advanced. I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to work out with Rebecca!”
— Replique D’Amelio

“Rebecca Kordecki is the most knowledgeable, personable and motivating trainer I’ve ever worked out with. She has been my trainer for several years. I would never consider using anyone else after having been trained by Rebecca – she is the best! I have now retained her as my company trainer, and she is helping to bring my employees together and focus on their health and well- being. Rebecca is simply DYNAMITE!”
— S. Waxsal, CEO of Kadmon

“OMG! I just finished my first Booty Slide workout and I am already looking forward to tomorrows! I really LOVE the moves. The fact that I can “feel” my body really working without having to deal with any stress on my joints is a major plus!!! Amazing job and brilliant workout!! I am def charting my progress. Thank you sooo much!!!”
— Andrea Simons