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  • Enhanced In-clinic MLD Therapy

  • Improved Pain Management

  • Enhanced Lymphatic Circulation

  • Profound Sense of Relaxation Leading to Better Sleep

  • Overall Increased Well-Being

Featured Therapist Testimonial

“Patients continue to love the Neuroglide since I started incorporating this device into my treatment regimen. We have to treat the anterior and posterior thorax, but the reality is that most patients can’t turn on their stomachs or even on their sides. This allows me to treat both sides without “flipping” the patient.  

I use the Neuroglide after I stimulate the terminus and axillary lymph nodes. More interestingly, I have a patient that continues to lose weight every session from the entire MLD/neuroglide treatment.  This should be investigated further.

In my experience, I also believe that the Neuroglide would help therapists be more efficient.”  
Frank Aviles, MLD Therapist

Michelle Lason

Deborah Kellogg

Susan Couture

How It Works
Neuroglide's Mechanism of Action

At-Home or In-Clinic Back/Neck Lymphatic Therapy To Reduce Pain & Inflammation

The Multi-Benefits of
Lymphatic Circulation

Promoting lymph drainage, by gently moving lymphatic fluid toward the heart, facilitates tissue regeneration, and stimulates the immune system while supporting the Central Nervous System for relaxation.

Lymphatic stimulation has been linked to an increase in the parasympathetic tone (relaxation response) and a decrease in sympathetic tone (fight or flight response).

Worker's Comp

We Accept Workers' Compensation Patient Referrals

We can request approval from Workers’ Compensation Insurance for the Neuroglide System for the treatment of back and neck pain.

Patients Love Neuroglide

Back Pain Relief
"I have had chronic back issues since the birth of my second child and it was affecting my quality of life considerably. So, I made the decision to buy a Neuroglide and it was like a miracle solution to my back problems. Within 30 days, it has alleviated my back pain and provided me with an incredible boost to get me back to my busy lifestyle."
Back Pain Relief
"Neuroglide is an amazing product that I couldn't live without. I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain due to years of working construction, and after using it I have experienced a rapid reduction in pain, improved sleep, and enhanced mobility and this is within weeks. This product is worth every penny!"
Back Pain Relief
“Unfortunately, I experienced a thoracic spine compression fracture in a car accident and was looking for a solution outside of going to a physical therapist every week. I found the use of the Neuroglide reduced my muscle spasm pain considerably and continues to reduce it the more I use it. It has made me an instant believer in this device”
Endometrial Cancer  Patient
“I am a survivor of endometrial cancer who also had lower extremity lymphedema and chronic back pain and I found the Neuroglide reduced my back pain symptoms while providing a comforting massage to my constantly swollen hip area.”
Metastatic Breast  Cancer Patient
“I was unable to lie flat due to pain and found that narcotic medication clouded my mind and had terrible side effects. The Neuroglide reduced my need for narcotic medication and allowed me to sleep in a reclined position. The result is a significant improvement to my daily life.”
Edema After Hip  Surgery Patient
“The Neuroglide was a solution that I didn’t know would work but it cleared up the excessive swelling and pain that I experienced after hip surgery. Even my doctor was amazed at the fast results that pushed the fluid outside of the area and how it benefited my recovery.”