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Automated MLD therapy to support integrated pain management.
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A woman smiles as she sips a beverage from a mug while relaxing in bed.

A Novel Approach to At-Home Pain Management.

The Neuroglide system is an FDA-cleared* consumer medical device built on the principles of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).

Neuroglide's unique Back/Neck Pad emulates the precise pressure profiles and principles of MLD in order to deliver health benefits to users in the comfort of their own home.

A woman smiles as she sips a beverage from a mug while relaxing in bed.

Science-Backed Benefits

By leveraging the body’s own natural pain relief and relaxation pathways, Neuroglide provides patients a reliable way to relax, relieve pain, and recover efficiently.

Neuroglide’s first-of-its-kind therapy solution supports a range of positive health outcomes:
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Rest & Relaxation

Neuroglide activates the body's parasympathetic nervous system to produce a relaxation effect.

Pain Relief

Neuroglide stimulates the body's mechanoreceptors (gate control theory) to reduce pain sensations.

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Neuroglide relaxes the body’s lymphangiomotor system to produce a decongesting effect.

Immune Support

Neuroglide supports the body’s immune responses by accelerating lymph flow to aid recovery.

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Pilot Clinical Patient Study

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Neuroglide

The Neuroglide system was used on patients in a clinical setting under the supervision of a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Patients reported impressive results, including:

Reduced back and neck pain
Improved sleep
Reduced pain from stress headaches
Reduced muscle spasms
Reduced fibromyalgia and myalgia pain

Notable example provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy:

A patient who was unable to lie flat due to pain found that Neuroglide reduced her need for narcotic medication and allowed her to sleep in a reclined position.

Marked Improvements in Sleep Quality

In a pilot study, Neuroglide has been shown to have significant benefits, not only for pain reduction, but also for stress relief and restorative sleep.

In a study conducted by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, participants used a wearable device to monitor standard physiological measures of healthy stress response, relaxation and sleep quality, both before and after using a Neuroglide Back/Neck Pad.

The study measured:

RHR | resting heart rate
HRV | heart rate variability
REM sleep
Deep sleep
Light sleep
RECOVERY | calculated as RHR + HRV + sleep
Neuroglide sleep data showed improved heart rate variability, resting heart rate, sleep consistency, and overall sleep efficiency.

Users also increased time spent in both REM and deep sleep.
Download Wearable Device Pilot Study (PDF)
A woman rests in a bed.

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A woman rests in a bed.