Susan Couture, BSHA, CRC, LMT, Cert. MLD/CDT, Owner of Lymph Studio, LLC

As a lymphatic therapist helping patients recover from many different types of surgeries, I find my patients love the addition of the novel Neuroglide by EVA MedTech during their service.

My patients absolutely love the benefits of the Neuroglide to help quell their anxiety from breast reconstructive surgery with fat grafting from the doner abdominal tissue rich with Pyer Patch lymph nodes. Compression garments are discouraged not to cause ischemic pressure to the tissue because microsurgery has been performed to connect delicate capillaries for good blood flow. These patients tend to swell more and the Neuroglide promotes healthy lymph movement. The Neuroglide is a flexible mat to conform to the table adjustments accommodating these patients that cannot lay flat. It gently fills with air moving the lymph up the thoracic duct, massaging the paravertebral lymph nodes. The added lymph drainage to the back enhances the recovery process. The benefits are quite remarkable and I’m proud to assist my patients with the latest technology for their best outcome.

As a Clinical Research Coordinator, I sent the Neuroglide home with patients on several case-by-case studies documenting their experiences. Some volunteers received laser tape measuring with the STYKU 3D Body Scanner with measurable results before and after daily home use. This was enlightening to see the total body reduction and movement of stagnant lymph.

At Lymph Studio, we strive to provide our clientele with a safe enhanced recovery. Our lipedema patients recovering from leg or arm liposuction procedures also respond well to the added benefits of lymph movement with the Neuroglide as well as pain relief by enlisting the gate-control of the neurological system. It is a great component to use with the pneumatic leg pump device with assistance of MLD therapist to the abdomen. Truly, double duty for the core.

I highly recommend Neuroglide to assist with the healing process and promote a deep state of relaxation during treatment or as a stand-alone therapy.

Susan Couture
Owner of Lymph Studio, LLC