Michelle Lason CMT/CLT

I have been incorporating the Neuroglide into my Manual Lymph Drainage sessions for more than a year to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. Clients report that they feel a sense of deep relaxation that stays with them for days and that they sleep much better when using the Neuroglide in a treatment session, than when it is not. One client who uses the Flexitouch Lymphedema Pump uses the Neuroglide together. She states that it helps to move the fluid up and out of her trunk better. She also reports using the Neuroglide alone and that the combination has been helpful in maintaining her Lymphedema. She also enjoys the additional relaxation and comfort it provides.

We offer the Neuroglide as a popular stand alone service and many clients choose this option that have never tried it before. I have now purchased five Neuroglides because the need for them is so great at our clinic. We rent them out to clients to give them a try at home and to support them between treatment sessions. Several of our clients have purchased them for themselves after experiencing the benefits for themselves and family members.

I have experimented with having the client lay in a prone position on the Neuroglide during MLD treatment for post cosmetic surgery recovery such as Liposuction, Skin Reduction Surgery and BBL. Getting the additional MLD type strokes on the opposite side of the body while the other is being treated certainly enhances the treatment.

I have a client whose family used the Neuroglide for their family member during hospice to help reduce pressure sores and provide a deep sense of relaxation during their final days. Recently I recieved a call from a client whose step son had committed suicide. Her husband had not slept in days. She suggested he lay on the Neuroglide while she gently rubbed his head. She reports that he was asleep in five minutes and had the first full night sleep in days.

I cannot recommend the Neuroglide enough. It is a valuable tool for my business, I have used it in more ways than I ever imagined. Most importantly it has been so beneficial by providing comfort and improving the quality of life for the clients that we serve.

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