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Engineered To Simulate MLD Therapy

Neuroglide ingeniously replicates the intricate techniques of manual lymphatic drainage therapy (MLD) using advanced technology. It combines ultra-stretch air bladders, valve modules, and a support pad to adjust each bladder's movement against the body's soft tissues, mimicking the gentle strokes of MLD. The device's sophisticated air bladders adapt pressure, speed, and rhythm to simulate MLD accurately, promoting lymphatic circulation, reducing pain and enhancing well-being. Neuroglide blends technology and therapeutic expertise, making MLD accessible and convenient for those seeking its benefits.

Stretch and Release Air Bladders

Following the principles of MLD therapy, each air bladder sequentially and rhythmically targets pain receptors and the lymphatic system in the soft tissues for real results. As an air bladder stretches and releases, it self-adjusts against the body, and the pad, so you can feel relaxed for optimal results.

Customizable Controller Unit

The Controller Unit utilizes two valve modules nestled in the support pad to sequentially control the inflation and deflation of 16 individual air bladders.

The Controller is equipped with a touchscreen, which allows a customized therapy session. Choose your target area, preferred pressure, and session duration to personalize the treatment according to your body's specific needs.

  • 3 pressure settings (mild, medium and intense) for individualized comfort therapy.

  • 3 therapy programs (lower back, upper back or full back and neck) for your preferred therapy session treatment area.

Back/Neck Support Pad

Discover the unique sensation of the support pad’s self-adjustment, comfort and effectiveness.

It supports the head and intelligently and autonomously adapts to the unique contours of the spine, sacroiliac, back, shoulders, and neck during a blissful therapy session.

How It Works to Improve Lympathic Function

Neuroglide’s Mechanism of Action...

The Neuroglide is a medical device that targets soft tissues in various areas of the back and neck, such as the spine, sacroiliac, back, neck, shoulders to relieve pain, and activates the lymphatic system to remove toxins. It also promotes relaxation, reducing the body's response to physical tension and stress.

The mechanism of action is achieved through air bladders that apply sequential pressure to stretch lymph capillaries, allowing them to absorb waste (toxins). The device also gently stimulates nerve receptors to calm the nervous system. The lymph fluid then travels to lymph nodes for filtration before entering the venous blood system and kidneys, ultimately leading to the elimination of toxins through urine.

Relieve Inflammation and Pain

Customized Treatment Plan


Use Neuroglide 15-30 minutes up to twice a day to help manage acute/chronic back and neck pain. Interrupting your pain pathways on a regular basis can influence your physiological response to pain.


Use Neuroglide 15-30 minutes once daily for accelerated lymph flow. The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in clearing toxins and waste products from soft tissues of the body that can cause pain and inflammation.


Use Neuroglide for 15-30 minutes daily for relaxation. Relaxing your body has a significant impact on pain perception and management by influencing the nervous system and the body's response to pain.


Use Neuroglide 15-30 minutes once or twice a day to help manage pain and increase circulation. Pain reduction and removing lymphatic toxins is crucial for a successful recovery process. Effective pain management allows you to participate more fully in physical therapy and regain mobility faster.

Neuroglide should not be used for more than 30-minutes in one session or more than twice daily.

Reduce Pain &
Feel Good Again!

FDA-Cleared to relieve pain and increase circulation.

Neuroglide may seem deceptively simple, but it’s a precisely engineered system designed to simulate Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapy.

While MLD therapy has traditionally been administered by certified therapists, Neuroglide offers an innovative in-clinic and at-home alternative.