Engineered To Help Your Body Help Itself



The Back/Neck Pad’s 16 air channels activate in sequence, producing precise gentle pressures against your back, shoulders and neck.

These air channels emulate the unique stretch and release motions of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).



The Pad is designed to gently support every contour of your spine while you relax into its unique sensations.


Neuroglide’s intuitive Controller Unit with touch screen enables you to take control of your therapy sessions.

Choose your target area, your preferred pressure, and your session duration in order to best suit your body’s unique needs.

One "Simple" Pad, So Many Sensations

Increase lymphatic circulation, relieve pain and sleep better.

Better, deeper sleep?  Yes and yes.

Profound relaxation?  Absolutely.

Pain Relief?  You bet.

Sleep Recovery

Use Neuroglide for 30 minutes in the evening, half an hour before you want to go to bed.

Pain Relief

Use Neuroglide for 15-30 minutes up to twice a day to manage back and neck pain symptoms.

Lymph Circulation

Use Neuroglide for 15-30 minutes once daily for benefits of accelerated lymph flow.

Neuroglide should not be used for more than 30 minutes in one session or more than twice daily.

Lymphatic Therapy

Science-backed benefits for every body

Neuroglide was invented by a manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) therapist whose clinical experience sparked a revelation:

Lives will change if people can harness the power of MLD in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Got Questions?

Let’s get them answered

Our FAQs page has specifics on Neuroglide’s warranty, FDA clearance, contraindications, and all the other important details.

Feel Better Yet?

Invest in your health and see how Neuroglide can change your life.