Meet Neuroglide

The Clinically-Validated Pain Relief
and Recovery Device from Eva Medtec

Bringing New Pain Management Technologies To Market

Eva Medtec is the creator of Neuroglide, a system of automated therapy devices which provide effective, convenient, and sustainable pain management solutions.

Founded in 2012, the Eva team has worked tirelessly to develop proprietary technology, fine-tune manufacturing techniques, and demonstrate our product’s therapeutic efficacy under clinical settings.

In 2021, Eva Medtec’s flagship product, the Neuroglide Back/Neck Pad, was FDA-cleared for sale to consumers, validating what we already knew: that Neuroglide has enormous potential to improve the lives of those living with pain.

Eva Medtec is headquartered in Bloomington, MN, where devices are currently assembled in-house.

Irene Waldridge

CMT, CLT, CEO, Chief Technology Officer, Chairman of the Board, and Founder.

Prior to founding Eva Medtec, Ms. Waldridge founded Tactile Medical, where she held four patents as the inventor of the Flexitouch System for the treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

Ms. Waldridge served as Chairman of the Board and Vice President of Product Strategy from 1995 to 2007, and was also Chairman Emeritus and Chief Technologist from 2007 to 2010. Tactile Medical is currently valued at about $1B on revenues near $190M.

In June, 2022, we launched the new Neuroglide brand and website! By relieving pain and improving lymph circulation, Neuroglide makes it easier to relax deeply, sleep restfully and recover efficiently.


Irene Anne Waldridge, CMT/CLT

Founder/CEO/Chief Technology Officer

Irene Waldridge, Founder & CTO. Irene Waldridge is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur with over 27 years inventing medical devices. She is the Founder of two companies, Tactile Medical and Eva Medtec. At Tactile Medical, Irene invented and developed the Flexitouch device for treating lymphedema and venous insufficiency. She has held a variety of executive positions, including CEO, Chairman of the Board and CTO. She is also the inventor of the FDA-cleared, OTC, Neuroglide™ Pain Relief and Recovery System to help patients with acute/chronic pain, and increase lymphatic circulation for the removal of harmful cellular waste from the body’s soft tissues.

Joy L Frestedt, PhD, CPI, RAC, FRAPS

COO/Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Frestedt is also President/CEO for Frestedt Incorporated (, Alimentix and the Frestedt Learning Center. She has 40+ years of experience in clinical research, regulatory negotiation, quality system development and business leadership. Frestedt Incorporated and Alimentix are service providers with over 70 experts working in broad CRQE areas of clinical research, regulatory compliance, corporate quality system development and biomedical engineering. Dr. Frestedt has experience running clinical trials, conducting laboratory analyses and assisting firms with strategic decisions involving clinical research programs, regulatory strategies and quality system management to compete globally. Dr. Frestedt and her team are well known for their advisory board, clinical, regulatory, quality and training functions.


Toni May Hastings

Vice President of Operations

17 years of experience managing pain clinics that provide multidisciplinary solutions for pain management, rehabilitation and effective treatments for patients experiencing chronic spine and musculoskeletal pain conditions. 6 years of experience with R&D design, engineering, and quality control of Class II medical devices, managing vendors and suppliers, setting up FDA quality control procedures, including the operations of an FDA registered manufacturing facility. 


Jules L. Fisher, MBA, CMA


Jules Fisher has over 30 years of business experience in the medical device industry with both large and small cap public companies. Mr. Fisher also has over 10 years of additional experience in Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare businesses from earlier in his career. He has an extensive C-Suite background in finance, business development, sales and marketing, and global operations. Mr. Fisher has served as CFO for three public medical technology companies based in the Twin Cities and played a key role in the sale of two of those businesses to strategic acquirers. He was Vice President Business Controlling with Medrad Inc. (A Business of Bayer Healthcare; Bayer AG subsidiary) until 2012.  Mr. Fisher joined Possis Medical in 2005 as CFO and then stayed on with business for just under four years after it was sold to Bayer in April 2008. He then served in contract CFO roles with mostly early-stage companies to the present time.

He has a BS Degree in Accounting from Valparaiso University, an MBA in Finance from Loyola University Chicago, and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). ). Mr. Fisher and his wife have three daughters and reside in Maple Grove, Minnesota.


Dale Richard Henn

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Dale brings 35 years of executive leadership in diverse areas, including product development, brand management, regulatory, venture capital, finance, operations and sales & marketing.  His executive experience includes leadership in fitness, and medical device companies such as, NordicTrack,  American Harvest, Fitness Quest, Compex Technologies and Prizm Medical.  Dale was the Founder, President and CEO Contour Technology a leading OTC medical device company.  He has experience in both private and public companies.  Since 2016 he has been working the startup companies mentoring the founders and leading their sales & marketing efforts.  He has developed a unique business process that focuses on both top and bottom line growth over a 30-60-90 day timeframe using an innovative D2C & social media process. 

Susana A. Galle, PhD, MSCPharm, CTN (ND), ABMP, BCN, FACN, CCH

Medical Advisor

Dr. Galle directs The Body-Mind Center in Washington, DC.

She holds a prescriptive license in NM and ID. Having started as a clinical psychologist and neuroscientist, she is also a psychopharmacologist, with certifications in several psychology specialties.

Dr. Galle is also qualified in clinical/metabolic nutrition, naturopathy, classical homeopathy and Yoga therapy.

A graduate of UC Berkeley, Yale and Alliant IU (AIU), she has served on the clinical faculty at major medical schools (Yale, GWU & Georgetown U. Pediatrics). Currently, she is an Associate Clinical Professor at GWU. She is on the adjunct faculty at New Mexico State University (NMSU) Postdoc program in Psycho- pharmacology.

She has been a visiting researcher and lecturer at the Psychosomatic Section of the University of Heidelberg (Germany). She also served as consultant to international organizations (PAHO & WHO)

Dr. Galle’s psychosomatic consultation practice assesses the reciprocal influences between biochemical/metabolic processes and mental/emotional ones in an individualized manner, with a holistic approach to health conditions. Her MNEI (Mind-Neuro-Endocrine Immune model) views health and illness from a mind-body perspective, emphasizing awareness and self-care as major components of healing.


Medical Director

Senior Associate Consultant, Wound Clinic, Gonda Vascular Center, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. Mark Melin MD FACS RPVI FACCWS, is a Senior Associate Consultant at Mayo Clinic’s Wound Clinic, Gonda Vascular Center, Rochester, Minnesota. His interests and educational niches include management of lymphedema/lymphatic stasis in the wounded patient, the endothelial glycocalyx, adjunctive micronutrient and bionutrient application to wound care, diosmin Micronized Purified Flavonoid Fraction (MPFF), polygenic abnormality impact upon wound resolution, wound pH and biofilm management, and emerging technologies in wound products and wound technologies.

Doug Goldstein, DPT

Medical Advisor

Doug earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from The University of Colorado School of Medicine – Physical Therapy Program. His primary focus is in orthopedics where he is both board certified and fellowship trained. His specialization is performance enhancement and advises athletes from the NFL, NBA, USA Men’s/Women’s Soccer, MLS, MLB, UFC, USA Track and Field. He most recently founded Launchpad Fitness which utilizes AI computer vision to provide youth athletes performance training.

Better Health Through Innovation

Eva started with a clear mission: to develop unique, effective, and accessible therapeutic devices that lessened dependency on expensive and inconvenient therapies, drugs, and medical treatments. Our goal in creating Neuroglide is to bring affordable stress, recovery, and pain management to the mass market.