A close-up image of the Neuroglide pad's proprietary valve module, which delivers automated MLD therapy to users.

how Neuroglide Works

Inflatable air channels create waves of gentle pressure that have many benefits.

Neuroglide emulates a well-studied therapy technique known as “manual lymphatic drainage”, which stimulates the lymphatic vessels just below the surface of the skin. The benefits of this stimulation are totally unique to Neuroglide.

Neuroglide relaxes you so that your body can focus more fully on healing.

Neuroglide is deeply relaxing to use, and it activates your body’s natural relaxation response, helping you recover.

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Transparent diagram of a human body with radiating nerve pain around the spine.

Neuroglide relieves your pain by activating your body’s natural pain relief systems.

Neuroglide inhibits the transmission of pain signals, both locally and across your whole body, through a combination of gentle pressures to the skin (“analgesic touch”), stimulation of the nervous system, and pain relief resulting from relaxation.

Neuroglide helps you recover by activating your “rest and digest” state.

Neuroglide stimulates the parasympathetic branch of your autonomic nervous system, helping your body transition to a state that is optimal for rest and recovery.

A well-toned man's back, with a purple overlay to demonstrate placement of the Neuroglide therapy device during use.

So how does Neuroglide deliver all of these benefits?

A full-length image of the Neuroglide Back/Neck pad, which emulates MLD to deliver numerous health benefits.

Our patented, proprietary air channel technology delivers a unique therapy experience.

16 air channels in our pressure-relieving support pad are exquisitely designed to emulate the pressure profile of manual lymphatic drainage technique, which stimulates the autonomic nervous system.

Our Controller Unit lets you choose the duration and type of therapy treatment.

The Controller Unit is the heart of the Neuroglide System. It automatically detects the Back/Neck Pad and is set to detect future therapy attachments—a Lumbar Pad, Knee Wrap, Foot/Calf Wrap, and Scalp Wrap.

The user can select 15 or 30-minute treatment sessions and select from three pressure settings and three treatment zones: 1) Upper Back, 2) Lower Back, and 3) Upper and Lower Back.

Image of the front of the white and blue Neuroglide controller device with blue-toned LCD display.
Image of the back of the white and blue Neuroglide controller device with cords attached.
A close-up image showing patented components of Eva Medtec's unique pain relief and recovery device.

Our patented Valve Module allows for unprecedented
air flow control in a compact design.

Our unique Valve Module replaces the function of 16 different valves, tubing harnesses and manifolds in a unit that measures 1.5 X 3.5 inches. It is central to the operation of the system, but is tucked away inside the pad, and cannot be seen or felt by the user.

Neuroglide Pain Relief and Recovery System

  • System includes Controller Unit and a Back/Neck Pad
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  • Risk-free, 60-day money-back guarantee

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