Case History

Wounded Veteran Dealing With Chronic Back Pain

Many veterans face ongoing challenges due to injuries from their service, often resulting in persistent pain and discomfort. Traditionally, medications have been a primary source of relief for these individuals.
Joe T. served as a soldier in a conflict zone. During an incident involving an explosive device, he was propelled into the air, resulting in a significant injury to his back. This incident led to years of pain and discomfort that interfered with his sleep and daily routine. Despite undergoing physical therapy and taking regular medication, relief was temporary.
Ultimately, a doctor who was also a friend, introduced Joe to the Neuroglide pain relief device. Eager for a solution and weary of the continuous pain, discomfort and sleep disturbances, Joe decided to try the Neuroglide. He was looking for an alternative to reduce his medication and to manage his pain at-home.
Joe now finds that his pain and discomfort is less pronounced than when relying on therapy and drugs alone. He had been tracking his sleep recovery scores and has now observed significant improvement in his sleep quality. Moreover, he is now able to reduce his reliance on medication to manage his pain.