Case History

Ultra-Marathoner Completes Grueling 100-Mile Race

Ultra-marathon runners must prepare ahead of time for the challenges they will face. And, then they must deal with the consequences of muscle pain and fatigue during the recovery period weeks after the race. Such activity is brutal on the body’s systems and each runner has their own ‘secret sauce’ for preparation and recovery.
Sean F, an ultra- marathoner, wanted to be able to complete a 100-mile race oered in the Georgia mountains in 2022. He knew the weather would be hot on the treacherous 23,000 feet of inclines and declines in the race. He also knew that he had to be in excellent physical and mental condition just to finish. In his preparation regimen, he needed to reduce pain, increase recovery time, but not overtrain, in the weeks leading up to the race to maximize his physical condition, so he sought out physical therapy to help achieve this goal.
In his search, he discovered the Neuroglide pain relief and recovery system that uses automated MLD therapy to help activate the body’s own recovery system to relieve pain. Sean realized that the FDA-cleared Neuroglide might be helpful with his recovery process by relieving pain and improving his chances for a positive outcome. Sean used the Neuroglide for 30 minutes per day for one week before the event. He tracked his Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a measure of his sleep recovery. It is generally thought by athletes that the higher the HRV with improved sleep, the better you are able to perform.
Of the 76 runners, Sean achieved his goal as one of only 36 finishers in this race. Tracking his HRV, Sean went from a baseline of 52 to a maximum of 87 in that week before the race, even though he struggled with an illness! He believes using the Neuroglide helped increase his recovery and helped his body get into the best possible condition for success. And, he continued using the device for his post-race recovery.