Case History

Therapist Finds Answer for Patient with Chronic Pain and Recurring Lymph Congestion

Pain associated with lymph congestion, a common concern in certain medical conditions, often requires targeted treatment to alleviate discomfort and reduce associated risks with poor circulation.
Dora S., a therapist specializing in manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), encountered a patient with lymphatic congestion in her torso. The pain and lack of circulation can lead to complications and discomfort. Managing lymphatic circulation and pain relief was needed on a regular basis. Traditional treatments like pneumatic compression pumps were ineffective beyond her waist, leaving the patient with unresolved issues in her back, side, and abdomen.
Dora was motivated to find a solution. She researched alternative therapies online and came across the Neuroglide device designed for increasing lymphatic circulation and pain relief by emulating MLD therapy. Recognizing its potential, she introduced it to her patient.
After just one session with the Neuroglide, the patient experienced significant pain reduction and improved lymphatic circulation in her torso, leading to improved quality of life. Impressed by the ability to manage her pain and increase lymph circulation, the patient opted to continue treatment at home with the purchase of a Neuroglide.