Case History

Innovative Pain Relief Therapy

Patients experiencing pain and discomfort seek effective relief options to complement their treatment and manage symptoms at home.
Jennifer B. encountered complications following a flu shot leading to nerve pain, resulting in admission to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She underwent intubation and eventually required a tracheotomy due to the impact on her nervous system. Jennifer, an occupational therapist and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) therapist, was familiar with various pain relieving treatment methods. Before transferring to a rehabilitation hospital, she requested her husband to purchase a Neuroglide device, having previously found it beneficial on many of her patients in her clinic.
With approval from her medical team, Jennifer incorporated Neuroglide therapy into her rehabilitation regimen. Remarkably, within a week, her tracheotomy was removed, and she was discharged, astonishing hospital staff with her rapid pain relief recovery.
Continuing Neuroglide therapy everyday at home, Jennifer experiences reduced pain and has regained mobility. Within weeks, she resumed social activities and now attends rehabilitation appointments without assistance.