All Systems Go

Optimize rest and recovery between workouts with Neuroglide.

Rest Better, Perform Better

Take control of your recovery periods and get the proven health benefits of lymphatic drainage in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Flush away cellular waste and inflammatory compounds


Boost HRV and Recovery metrics for a better night’s rest 


Relieve pain and activate parasympathetic nervous system 

Now, There's

Neuroglide emulates the precise pressures of lymphatic drainage to enhance your body's natural recovery systems.


The Back/Neck Pad’s 16 air channels activate in sequence, producing precise gentle pressures against your back, shoulders and neck.

These air channels emulate the unique stretch and release motions of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD).


The Pad is designed to gently support every contour of your spine while you relax into its unique sensations.


Neuroglide’s intuitive Controller Unit with touch screen enables you to take control of your therapy sessions.

Choose your target area, your preferred pressure, and your session duration in order to best suit your body’s unique needs.

Simple To Use

Using the Controller Unit’s touch screen, select your target area, your preferred pressures, and your session duration in order to best suit your body’s unique needs. Neuroglide should not be used for more than 30 minutes in one session or more than twice daily. 

For soreness and pain

Use Neuroglide for 30 minutes once or twice daily.

For better sleep

Use Neuroglide for 30 minutes in the evening, half an hour before you want to go to bed.

For detox and decongestion

Use Neuroglide for 15-30 minutes once daily.

Got Questions?

Let’s get them answered

Our FAQs page has specifics on Neuroglide’s warranty, FDA clearance, contraindications, and all the other important details.